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Overall: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is the next installment of the game inspired by the plot presented in the novels of J.

The game was released in by Black Label Games. This action adventure game is based on the story from the first part of the famous trilogy. Choosing one of the three proposed characters, you set off on your way to Rivendell with the intention of hiding the Ring in a safe place. You can choose from the hobbit Frodo who can hide quickly through the power of the Ring , Aragorn – Passepartout a great warrior and the wizard Gandalf who has mastered all the secrets of magic.

Each of them has a different set of skills, so the choice of characters determines a different course of the game. Contrary to the film adaptation of Tolkien’s work, the game has been enriched with characters or puzzles not shown on the big screen.

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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring – Old Games Download


Let the battle commence. These two publishing giants are about to stand toe to toe in a battle that’s likely to be unrivalled in the annals of marketing misinformation and propaganda. First up, Vivendi and its book-based effort.

And detailed it most certainly is. Surreal has focused upon creating different styles of play depending on which of the main three characters you control. If you want to see Gandalf throwing a few lightning bolts around and banging his staff on the ground, you will not be disappointed. If you want to see Aragorn slicing open Orcs and Wargs, then happy as a Hobbit with a big bag of pipeweed you shall be. If, however, you want to see Frodo steaming his way through hordes of Nazgul then take a step back Therefore, in keeping with the whole Middle Earth vibe, Frodo is a stealth character.

When you control Frodo the aim is to avoid detection – which is where the ring comes into play. Frodo can wear the ring to increase his stealth ability. However in doing so he decreases his ‘purity’ stat. The character you play is not a straight choice at the beginning of the game either. Each character has their moment of glory, so as you progress the lead character changes. Aragorn leads the way across Weathertop, Gandalf takes charge in Moria, and Frodo does his sneaky stealth stuff in the Old Forest and the Barrow Downs.

In total there are 27 levels covering all the chapters of The Fellowship Of The Ring with each of the main characters starring in nine levels each. While not directly under your control these Al fighters will work with you to slaughter all that stand in your way. Don’t expect any multiplayer action though. Considering The Fellowship Of The Ring is the first part of a trilogy, the chances are that at some point the next two books will be appearing in game form.

The characters are being built. The core mechanics are set up. So, make the logical jump In the meantime, you’ll have to wait until September before you can start fingering your own. The Lord of the Rings is serious business right now and all thanks to Peter Jackson. But it could have been so different. If his films had flopped like a big pile of Orc faeces, LOTR would have remained in the slightly geeky, cultish domain of beardy goblin lovers. Instead, we have two films and a third on the way which are so universally appealing, this definitive fantasy adventure now challenges Star Wars in terms of merchandising spin-offs and money making potential.

Legally, we have no doubt this is true – Electronic Arts is the sole owner of the licence to develop games based on the films. Yet, could it be possible that this game only appeared because the temptation to cash i in on the film’s success proved too much to resist? Surely not. Developer Surreal Software claims that because the book is so descriptive, similarities are unavoidable.

After all, Jackson’s film and this PC game derive from the same works. Well that’s fair enough then -we never realised Tolkien stipulated in the text that all versions of Gandalf, celluloid or digital, must sound like Sir Ian McKellen. Surreal has made full use of its right to use artistic license to pep up the more pedestrian parts of the plot.

This is not necessarily a bad thing and occasionally works well; collecting items in Bree to make dummies of the hobbits is acceptable; we have no problem with that. All the developer has done is read between the lines of the book to create a perfectly plausible scenario. On the other hand, some sections of the game are so far removed from anything you’ve read it’s barely recognisable as the same story.

Samwise Gamgee being kidnapped by a winged Nazgul for example is just plain ridiculous. Any self-respecting fan will balk at such blatant disregard for the plot – not to mention Sam’s wellbeing. More importantly, if contriving action sequences means twisting the story out of all proportion then surely it’s not worth making the game in the first place?

It’s a shame that such outrageous tactics had to be employed because on the evidence of a couple of early levels, stealth could easily have replaced action. The stage where Frodo has to sneak away from some Black Riders by throwing stones to distract them is one of the most tense and enjoyable moments of the game.

If the same amount of creativity had been employed for another 20 levels or so, gameplay could have been vastly improved. Instead, Frodo’s role is rpdurnd to running away from spiders, wolves, orcs and Uruk-hai, along with the odd bit of flower picking and searching for lost hobbits in the Old Forest.

Even The Ring is useless -running away from your enemies proves just as effective as becoming invisible. It just makes a mockery of the whole story. Thankfully, you are not restricted to fleeing through Middle Earth as Frodo – you can also flee as Aragorn or Gandalf depending on what level you’re on.

It defies belief, but even playing as the two main combat-orientated characters you can sprint through most levels, avoiding all combat and still get to the end of the stage. If you do stop to fight, don’t expect heavy resistance. By using the WASD keys to move around and then repeatedly hitting the left mouse button to swing either Aragorn or Gandalf’s sword, you can quickly dispatch your foes. The ranger can also use a bow to attack.

However, it’s not needed and it’s difficult to aim even in first-person mode. Ultimately, there’s little variation in the way you kill your enemies. The only real combat challenge comes when protecting Frodo from the nine Ringwraiths at Weathertop. In this battle you actually have to keep moving from one wraith to another as they take turns edging towards the prone Frodo. Despite not being able to kill them outright, you can eventually dnve them away after a few well placed prods with a flaming log.

Apart from that welcome respite, it’s a case of left-click to continue. If you’re into simple and mindless hack ‘n’ slash games then you might possibly forgive this monotony, but compared to the skilled cut and thrust of something like Severance: Blade of Darkness , the combat here is woefully basic.

They will eagerly surge into battle and dispatch easily as many enemies as you can. This rowdy trio is also indestructible; so in keeping with the whole lazy gameplay philosophy, you can just sit back and let them do the dirty work for you. Some of the environments look spectacular especially latter levels such as the Mines of Moria and the River Anduin. Others, like the Old Forest, are just a generic mix of rocks and trees that do no justice to Tolkien’s epic imagination.

The camera doesn’t help matters. Some of its positioning is so appalling you can’t even see your character. The problem is particularly evident in Moria where the low ceilings and narrow tunnels mean you spend most of the time looking at nothing but rocks. Character models for both enemies and fellowship members are also dour.

Trolls look like big grey lumps of rock, and the attack animation for Aragorn consists of about four basic swings of the sword. Gandalf suffers a similar fate, with a meagre, uninspiring five spells that look like damp squibs on fireworks night and do little to promote the wizard’s almighty reputation.

At least the music and use of sound goes some way towards making up for other inadequacies. Voice acting during the cut-scenes is professional, although accents that haven’t been directly based on the film are a tad strange to say the least. Merry and Pippin sound like Dorset farmers who have spent too much time in the States and the actor responsible for Aragom’s brooding tones obviously feels he should be playing Hamlet in the West End.

The dialogue can go on a bit too. Some of the cut-scenes near the start of the game are full of drivel relating to optional sub-quests. These petty distractions are not in the slightest bit relevant to the main quest and serve only to provide Frodo with the opportunity to do a few good deeds for the local hobbits of Bywater and Hobbiton and thus increase his purity’ rating. All this effectively does is allow young Baggins to wear The Ring for longer before succumbing to the will of Sauron.

It’s a hollow gesture and one that’s not worth wasting your time on, because like we said, there’s no need to put the ring on anyway. Thankfully, you can hit escape to ignore the ramblings of these diminutive madmen and the pointless errands they set for you, and get on with the serious business of running away from monsters. There is a maximum of ten hours game time here – and that’s if you find it extremely tough going, which is unlikely.

So, what would you rather do? Spend 30 quid on a mediocre game that you’ll complete once and then cast into a river? Or spend the same amount of money on a special edition DVD with 30 minutes extra footage that will entertain you time and time again well into the next decade?

If you play a lot of action games and have this old-fashioned theory that they should at least present the player with some kind of challenge then it’s an easy decision – buy the DVD. However, if you are new to this type of game, have cash to throw away and just want to charge through what is after all the only Lord of the Rings game on the PC thus far, then give it a whirl.

You never know – if you are the forgiving type, you may just squeeze some fun out of this. When it comes to remaining faithful to the book there are inconsistencies in LOTR that are hard to fathom. On one hand, the game makes an effort to relay the events in the Old Forest as accurately as possible. It even brings Tom Bombadil and Old Man Willow into the action, and this is something the film couldn’t manage.

It’s an admirable achievement as some might argue this is far from the most exciting part of the book. On the flip side, there are some bizarre occurrences; Frodo gets attacked by wolves just outside Bywater, orcs shooting flaming arrows guard Weathertop, trolls appear on virtually every level, and the most ridiculous of them all – Sam gets kidnapped by a flying Nazgul.

It’s surprising that Surreal had the nerve to fiddle with the plot so much. But what’s even more surprising is that Tolkien Enterprises let them do it.. Where do we start? Firstly, the battles should have been far more complex. You only have to play Severance: Blade Of Darkness to realise that sword combat doesn’t have to revolve around repeatedly hitting the left mouse button until your adversary dies. Secondly, Gandalf’s selection of spells should have been bigger – five is not enough for a wizard of his stature.

Finally, stealth should have played a much greater part in the game. More to the point, The Ring should have been woven into the gameplay far more successfully than it has. Once in a while, you’ll play a game with a really cool story. But only one game can honestly boast having the best story


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